Your Angel Encounters

Way back in 1972, while in the US Army, I was sent to Taiwan to establish a Satanic Church in the capital city of Taipei. The Satanic Church had already purchased a house there. There was one other Satanist assigned to me to assist in the opening of this "hell house". On the day we were to open the house, clean it out, set up the paraphernalia, the altar to Satan, we were walking down the "main drag" and were about two blocks from the house. Suddenly, there was this invisible wall of power that we could not penetrate. We could go no further. We were stunned, because we knew of no power on the earth that could stop us ... we were emissaries of Satan! There was nothing we could do, we were not able to access that house. We went back to our base (a communications site on top of "Green Mountain") and prayed to the devil to empower us so we could open this house. About 2 days later, we found out that there was a Bible believing, hard praying, Christian Church right across the street from the house we were to set up. But we still didn't know what to do. About a week later, we were on the main street again, and we saw this small Taiwanese man across the street stop and bow his head, in his hand was a Bible. I knew right away that this was the Pastor of that Church. We were going to go across the street, beat up this guy, tear his Bible apart, to intimidate him and get him to move his Church. As we were looking to run across the street (traffic was nuts in Taipei), I looked to where this pastor was. He did not move, but suddenly there were two HUGE Angels in front of him. The only thing both of us could remember about them was that they were wearing white robes, had golden vestments on their chests; their hair was long, and streaming backwards from their heads; one had a long sword in his hands, and the other had a huge shield. The one with the Shield knelt down and placed it in front of this pastor. The one with the Sword stretched his arm out front with the Sword pointed at what seemed like the tip of my nose. We could not move at all - the power of these Angels was that great. All I could think of was that if it was possible, I was going to turn around and run. And that is exactly what the both of us did. After about a mile or so down the road, I asked my companion, "Did you see that?" He said, "Shut up, we are not going to talk about this". Needless to say, we did not open that Satanic Church in Taipei. These Angels were seemingly transparent, but they were as real as the concrete pavement we were standing on. From what I know, that little praying Church is still in business.

Tony Roomets, Maryland (Oct 2015) t.roomets [at]

In 2012 my husband sat on the edge of the bed one morning and woke me up. He told me he did not love me anymore and he was leaving. I was so shocked. He was my whole world. I became very depressed. Months went by and I just kept getting worse. I cried constantly and stopped praying and going to church. I felt betrayed by God. I had loved this man like the Bible told me to yet he had abandoned me. I became suicidal. My whole family became very worried about me. It became hard for me to sleep at night and days passed filled with sleepless nights. I felt a very strong urge to kill myself. Looking back I believe an evil spirit had possessed me and I was allowing it to make me feel worthless and unloved. One night my cousin called me whom I had not spoken to in 15 years. She told me God needed me to pray. She felt very strongly an evil spirit was in my home. We both prayed and peace filled my heart. I knew God had told her to call me, it was just what I needed to hear. Her amazing prayer caused me to weep. When I got off the phone with her my brother called me. He said he could hear a woman in the background and was very worried about me being alone with this person. I told him there is NO ONE HERE BUT ME. He was so convinced there was someone else there. He made a three-way call with a mutual friend and she could also hear the evil spirit laughing and mocking me in the background. I kept telling them there was no one else with me. That night insomnia hit me again. The coyotes on the prairie were so loud it kept me awake most the night. I needed sleep so I cried out to the Lord to make them stop - just like that the coyotes were silent. The next day my brother called, though he did not know I had spoken with our dear cousin, prayed and repented of my suicidal thoughts. He was convinced I was in danger so he called the local police to come and check on me. Before the police got there, a man walked up to the porch and spoke with me. He told me so much, though I cannot repeat it all, but he informed me he was there to protect me. He said a war was going on for my soul, that I was special, loved by God, but that it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and be strong. He left suddenly and I felt instantly trouble was coming. I knew two men were on their way to my home. Soon two officers arrived. They were told to check on me. They decided I needed to be evaluated as my brother had suggested to them. It was true that I had not been sleeping and had made several comments as to not wanting to live - but that was before my cousin prayed for me and gave me peace. I kept trying to tell them, yes, I had been depressed but I am okay now. They said I needed to be evaluated anyway, so I went with them. I became so upset in the hospital. I even became angry. Soon the angel appeared to me again. It was so amazing - no one could see him but me. I did not understand what was happening but I went to a hospital for eight days on suicide watch. While I was in the hospital, I saw so many lost souls - women just like me who had been through loss, divorce, were lonely but did not have the Lord. I was able to share the love of the Gospel to many women in there. We even started a prayer group. The women could not believe all I had been through in my marriage and yet I was so hopeful. I had purpose helped by my cousin's prayer and my visitation. I know God put me in that hospital. I really gained perspective and I could see how the women that accepted the Lord changed from being suicidal and hopeless to doing their hair, eating and laughing. We all seemed to grow spiritually every day that we were in there. There were some really evil people in that place too. A group of wiccan women kept trying to talk to the women in my prayer group. They were so determined to harm these women but I wouldn't allow it. I wonder to this day what would have happened to those sad, impressionable women had I not been there to encourage them to believe in themselves and a higher power. Maybe it was all happening for that very reason. As I encouraged them to fight the dark forces of this life that had them bound in sadness and depression, my own spirit lifted. When I got out of that hospital I was a new person. I know the angel had come to me to give me the faith I needed, so that I could be a light to those in darkness.

Crystal McClaine, Oklahoma (Dec 2014) crystalthepistol77 [at]

My daughter was very sick with asthma and my husband and I had experienced two or three sleepless nights taking turns watching over her. Her face had taken on a bluish tone. It was Sunday afternoon when she requested prayer yet again. I had already prayed several times, but tiredly, prayed again. Her shallow breathing continued for the next hour or so. Finally, in desperation, she cried out, "I need prayer"! I decided to call my mother, a prayer warrior, in another city, not thinking about the fact that she would be in church at that time. I called her cell phone and there was a ring tone or two and then, the phone was answered. But nobody on the other end said a word. It would be out of character for my chatty mother not to at least say 'hello' so I assumed she wanted to wait a moment for some reason. In the background, I could hear the authoritative tones of a person preaching on healing. Then, to my utter shock, I heard my mother on the microphone at the front of the church. I heard her announce that her granddaughter, my daughter, was sick with asthma and needed prayer. I quickly put the phone to my daughter's ear and she listened to her grandmother pray for her over the microphone with the whole church. Immediately the prayer finished, the call was hung up! A few minutes later, my Mom called us! I told her what had happened and astonished and excited, she said that she hadn't answered the phone and nobody else had access to it. My daughter passed a milestone with her asthma that night and has never been so sick with it again. I can find no other explanation than that her demand for prayer traveled to my mother and with the angelic assistance of the phone being answered, we were able to listen to the prayer from miles away and receive the healing!

Deanne Graf, Sydney, Australia (May 2014) k_dgraf [at]

I was six years old and staying at an orphanage in White Plains, NY. It was night time and I was about to go to sleep in the boys dormatory, when a bright light encircled the building. The next thing I knew a light in the form of a person appeared across from me on a wooden wall divider. The light became brighter and brighter until the angel lifted off the wall and hovered above the bed of a young boy to my left and near the window. He stayed with the child all night talking with him. I was terrified. The angel had eyes but no eyelids, fingers but no fingernails. Towards morning the angel superimposed himself on the wall again and gradually disappeared. I then fell into a kind of fitfull sleep. When I awoke it was light and everybody was up except me. There were a bunch of kids gathered around the bed of the child who had the visitation. I ran over and pushed myself forward and asked the young boy who had the encounter, "What did he say to you?" He replied, "He told me I would be going home soon and to love my parents and to obey them. He told him also to keep Gods Commandments and to love everybody." These are the kind of things I suppose you would tell any child of that age if you were a religious person. Years have passed and I have never met anyone who can confirm this amazing experience. Maybe by putting this out there someone will come forward. Perhaps the young child himself ...

Paul T. Finn, North Carolina (Sep 2013) timerstwo [at]

Now I have never personal seen an angel to my knowledge BUT people have seen angels with me. Many years ago I was in a major conflict with a coven of witches led by a high priestess of Ashtoreth. On one occasion I had confronted the coven at one of their weekend parties. I had the Spirit well up within me and I gave my first ever prophetic word to a room full of witches. I broke off all their spells and curses sent against me and called on angelic protection in the name of Jesus.

Now many of the coven members had a form of discernment of spirits that was granted by the enemy so they could see into the spiritual realm. They saw a huge angel appear behind me. It shocked and scared them. That angel was in armor and was several stories tall. They were seeing it extending through the roof of the building.

A second time during our conflict they were using astral projection to travel to my location to continue attacks against me. I was across the country at that time. I felt a presence and broke out into tongues. An angel appeared and severed their spiritual connection back to their bodies. They fled. One of the witches was so scared, she went to a Christian friend of mine and got saved. She then told us of the times the coven had seen the angels appear in my defense.

I never saw the angels that came to my defense but others did and it made a major impact on them. The coven had said they didn't even believe in the existence of the Christian god but by the time I left the first encounter they recognized me as a follower of a differing deity then their goddess. They were warned of the consequences of following their 'goddess' and the consequences came to pass. They were convicted of their criminal activities. At their arrest, many of them dropped to their knees and repented then when the consequences of the prophecy came about. Those that did, helped testify against the others and the entire coven was prosecuted where more repented in prison and those that didn't died brutally, killed by other inmates.

Adam (Nov 2012)

The following testimony is not an angel story, but a God story nonetheless, and a special one at that.


Do you believe that God not only loves you, but also knows where you are and what you're doing every minute of the day? I certainly do after an amazing experience I had several years ago. At the time I was driving on I-75 near Dayton, Ohio, with my wife and children. We turned off the highway for a rest and refreshment stop. My wife Barbara and children went into the restaurant. I suddenly felt the need to stretch my legs, so waved them on ahead saying I'd join them later. I bought a soft drink, and as I walked toward a Dairy Queen, feelings of self-pity enshrouded my mind. I loved the Lord and my ministry, but I felt drained, burdened. My cup was empty. Suddenly the impatient ringing of a telephone nearby jarred me out of my doldrums. It was coming from a phone booth at a service station on the corner. Wasn't anyone going to answer the phone? Noise from the traffic flowing through the busy intersection must have drowned out the sound because the service station attendant continued looking after his customers, oblivious to the incessant ringing. "Why doesn't somebody answer that phone?" I muttered. I began reasoning. It may be important. What if it's an emergency?

Curiosity overcame my indifference. I stepped inside the booth and picked up the phone. "Hello," I said casually and took a big sip of my drink. The operator said: "Long distance call for Ken Gaub." My eyes widened, and I almost choked on a chunk of ice. Swallowing hard, I said, "You're crazy!" Then realizing I couldn't speak to an operator like that, I added, "This can't be! I was walking down the road, not bothering anyone, and the phone was ringing..." "Is Ken Gaub there?" the operator interrupted, "I have a long distance call for him." It took a moment to gain control of my babbling, but I finally replied, "Yes, he is here." Searching for a possible explanation, I wondered if I could possibly be on Candid Camera! Still shaken, perplexed, I asked, "How in the world did you reach me here? I was walking down the road, the pay phone started ringing, and I just answered it on chance. You can't mean me." "Well," the operator asked, "is Mr. Gaub there or isn't he?"

"Yes, I am Ken Gaub," I said, finally convinced by the tone of her voice that the call was real. Then I heard another voice say, "Yes, that's him, operator. That's Ken Gaub." I listened dumbfounded to a strange voice identify herself. "I'm Millie from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You don't know me, Mr Gaub, but I'm desperate. Please help me." "What can I do for you?" She began weeping. Finally she regained control and continued., "I was about to commit suicide, had just finished writing a note, when I began to pray and tell God I really didn't want to do this. Then I suddenly remembered seeing you on television and thought if I could just talk to you, you could help me. I knew that was impossible because I didn't know how to reach you. I didn't know anyone who could help me find you. Then some numbers came to mind, and I scribbled them down." At this point she began weeping again, and I prayed silently for wisdom to help her. She continued, "I looked at the numbers and thought, wouldn't it be wonderful if I had a miracle from God, and He has given me Ken's phone number? I decided to try calling it. I can't believe I'm talking to you. Are you in your office in California?" I replied, "Lady, I don't have an office in California. My office is in Yakima, Washington." A little surprised, she asked, "Oh really, then where are you?" "Don't you know?" I responded. "You made the call." She explained, "But, I don't even know what area I'm calling. I just dialed the number that I had on this paper." "Ma'am, you won't believe this, but I'm in a phone booth in Dayton, Ohio!" "Really?" she exclaimed. "Well, what are you doing there?" I kidded her gently, "Well, I'm answering the phone. It was ringing as I walked by, so I answered it." Knowing this encounter could only have been arranged by God, I began to counsel the woman. As she told me of her despair and frustration, the presence of the Holy Spirit flooded the phone booth giving me words of wisdom beyond my ability. In a matter of moments, she prayed the sinner's prayer and met the One who could lead her out of her situation into a new life.

I walked away from the telephone booth with an electrifying sense of our heavenly Father's concern for each of His children. What were the astronomical odds of this happening? With all the millions of phones and innumerable combinations of numbers, only an all-knowing God could have caused that woman to call that number in that phone booth at that moment in time. Forgetting my drink and nearly bursting with exhilaration, I headed back to my family, wondering if they would believe my story. Maybe I better not tell this I thought, but I couldn't contain it. "Barb, you won't believe this! God knows where I am!" God also knows where you are. Place yourself in His hands, concentrate on knowing His will for your life, and He will never forsake or forget you.

Ken Gaub, Yakima, Washington

Webmaster's note: This testimony reminds me of Chapter 2 in this book, where God is looking to bring people to those that will minister salvation to them. From Chapter 2: "... he heard about angels going out to bring people to the ones who would minister salvation to them ..." Are you available for God to use?

This happened to me in South America on February 4, 1979, the day I turned 11 years old. I took a bag full of clothes and ran away from home. I was going to go to my friend's house. I had been walking for about an hour on a deserted road when all of a sudden I saw a man hiding in the bushes near by. I looked behind me to see if I could see another person that could help me but there was no one else around. I did not know the Lord at that time. I said a quick prayer like God please help me. I started to run when suddenly a man appeared and started walking next to me. He looked about 60. He was wearing a white shirt and blue pants. He had a long machete on his side. We passed the man hiding in the bushes and he never said a word to me. We walked about a quarter of a mile and then I ran all the way to my friend's house. I always wondered who and how that man appeared. In 1988 I became a Christian by reading the Bible in my room. The Lord revealed Himself to me. He spoke to me and told me how He had protected me and watched over me, even before I knew Him. He showed me a quick vision of what happened that day and how He had sent his angel to protect me from that man who was going to kill me. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I love Him so much!

Mary (July 2011)

I had been a 'born again' Christian about 15 years when I was ask to give my testimony in a court case. As I sat by the judge on the witness stand, instead of talking about the case when I opened my mouth, I gave my full testimony of how I became a radical Christian at age 21. I was not raised in church, had a blood clot and almost died, when the Lord showed my sister-in-law, who was a Christian in another city, that something was wrong. She had her Pentecostal pastor and wife go to the hospital and pray for me. I did not understand it, but when I was released and was told how close I came to dying, I was scared beyond words. I don't know how I knew, but did know that if I had died, I would have gone to hell. I finally got the grace, courage to call this minister after 5 weeks of torment. They took me to their church and I was radically saved! Later I received the Holy Ghost after the Lord told me in a dream to fast 3 days to receive. I hardly knew fasting was in the Bible or dictionary, but obeyed and received the Holy Spirit immediately at the end of 3 days.

The judge said nothing as I talked about 15-20 minutes and when I stopped, he banged the gavel and dismissed us. As I started out the door into the hall, being the last one out of the courtroom, the judge already having gone back into his chambers, a man appeared to me at the threshold, looking me in the eye, saying seriously, "whatever you do, don't ever, ever quit giving your testimony about Jesus". I knew he was stressing this to me, but I was also thinking 'how did he know, because I was the last one out, only about 7 people were in there and he WAS NOT'. I was puzzled and glanced back in the courtroom, really looking to see where he might have been hid. When I looked back around he had disappeared. The Lord showed me that he was an angel. He looked to be about 40 years old, about 5'-11" tall, an ordinary man. Later I read in Revelation 12:11 how we are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, loving not our life unto death. I am 81 years old and have taught the Bible 60 years. I have given my salvation testimony and the angel story thousands of times. I rarely miss a week and sometimes I give it several times a week. Please pray I will accomplish more now than I have before, since the Lord gave me Ezekiel 36:11 years ago as I was praying for the zeal I had for Him in the 'beginning'. I want to do more than ever to win souls until Jesus comes!! Pray for my 7 children, 10 grandchildren, all spouses and 4 great grandchildren to come in one mind and one accord with Jesus and me to accomplish His perfect will in our lives.

God Bless you richly, Wanda Ferguson, Dallas, Texas (March 2011) wlferguson [at]

I had just moved to Florida and rented an apartment. I went to the utility office to have my power turned on. To my dismay, the required deposit was $20 more than I had. I informed the gentleman that I did not have enough money with me but that I would come back as soon as possible to complete the process for turning on my electricity. I left and as I was about to cross the street in front of the utility office, I saw a car flying around the corner. The car was weaving all over the road and the sight caused me to change my mind and back away from the road. The car sped up towards me and the driver slammed on the brakes. The car slid right up to the curb a few feet away from where I was standing. An arm reached out from the car and a voice said, "Here is the $20 you need." I was shocked! I answered the person in the car "I don't know you ... who are you?" "It does not matter," the driver said, "take the money; it's for you." I reached out to take the money and as my hand took the money, the driver sped off and I never saw them again. There could not have been any more than 2-3 minutes between my saying to the teller that I did not have enough money to the time the car showed up and a voice spoke to me to take the money I needed. It was a great feeling to be in my new apartment that night and I have re-played out the scene in my mind hundreds of times over the years.

Respectfully, Jon Arno, Atlanta, Georgia (June 2010) marno [at]

This is one of the most powerful, beautiful, shocking, stunning stories I've ever heard. It's just 131 pages, and well worth it. If you will read it, from beginning to end, you'll be tremendously blessed. Download the book "Sunshine, Daughter of Sacrifice" in .pdf format. To save to your computer, right click the following link and select 'Save Target As' HERE.
Streaming audio file (396 MB) available too: Story read by the mother.

Thanks goes out to Mark in MI for sharing this (Dec 2009) mdspencer54 [at]

My name is Debra and I have seen an angel at my church in Jakarta, Indonesia. The encounter happened when I was in very deep worship and enjoying HIS presence. I heard the worship leader singing a worship song when I felt the presence of the Lord all over my body. Then suddenly my eyes caught a shadow in the corner of the room. I turned my head and saw a huge horse with a man sitting on it. It was like a silhouette. As have been taught by a pastor from Philippines, when we see an angel, to ask their name and assignment. So I did exactly that. I asked his name and he answered that his name was Acceleration and that his assignment was to bring acceleration to our church, in fulfillment of all the prophecies that had been released by all the prophets who had been sent to our church. I didn't know there were angels with names like this. There are millions angels in the heaven and they must have names!

Debra Bano (Sep. 2008) debra.bano [at]

Our car hit a water furrow, and rolled and rolled and rolled. When we eventually came to a stop, it was the worst of the worst, something I have re-lived time and again in my mind. We struggled free from the car, and I realized my kids weren't in the car anymore. When I eventually got out, it was only the silence of the night that surrounded me. I called to them, and our little boy Josh then started crying from somewhere in the bushes next to the car. When I found him, he only had a cut to the head. But we couldn't find 12 year old Aldo.

Read this touching, life-changing testimony by Retha McPherson HERE

My oldest was born in Feb. of 1987 and I had her bundled up and ready for sleep. She later woke me for a bottle feeding and then I laid back down when finished. As my head hit the pillow, I felt myself swept up into a bright tunnel at a high rate of speed, lights streaking by me. I stopped at an unfamiliar place where I stood watching planes and cars moving about when words came to me saying, "No one will be able to fly, or travel without the approval of this person." My baby woke me a second time and I did the usual diaper change and gave her another bottle, not aware of what time it was. I was tired and only wanted to sleep. But again, when I rested my head on my pillow, I felt my body sucked up at a high rate of speed. And then I found myself in Rome, Italy.

I knew I was standing outside the Vatican, staring at the huge, beige, sandy-colored columns.

(Webmaster's note: When Elizabeth saw the picture to the left, this is what she emailed to me: "Oh my goodness, those are the columns!!! I was inside walking in between those and the wall. That is so amazing! Thank you for sharing!")

I did not know why I was here except that I was suppose to witness something. It was like a palace inside and full of excited newspaper reporters and press corp. They were filled with excitement, as if a celebrity were there. Their small cameras were flashing when I saw a man (I don't feel led to describe him, so please forgive me) who had an injury to his head. Then I awoke to my child crying again. By then I knew the Lord was showing me something, but I wasn't quite sure what it was I was seeing, but I knew it was in Scripture. My husband was sleeping and unaware of anything, as I put my daughter to bed a third time. Again, as I laid down, I found myself immediately back inside the Vatican.

The reporters were still doting over this man. When I moved closer and gazed into his eyes, he appeared possessed by evil. He looked at me and immediately I was frightened, and wanted to get away and hide myself from everyone there. I knew he was a false person speaking for someone else, and I felt the presence of evil. I then spoke to an unseen, strong angel who was communicating with my spirit. I was crying bitterly at this point asking him, "Please take me home. I don't want to be here. I want to go home." The angel immediately touched me on my shoulder and I heard him say in my spirit, "You're not left behind, you're only here watching." Peace came over me. I was not alone. This huge, powerful angel was with me.

I turned and saw my cousin Maggie standing by (The Lord uses Maggie to confirm things to me - she's still alive today). Maggie's face was glowing when she said to me," Do you want to know this man's number?" She smiled and said, "It is 666." Then she was gone. This indicated to me that the Lord was speaking to me - that this was not just a dream.

Then I found myself in front of a door in the Vatican observing the people who were amazed at this so-called wonderful person. I felt like this man was deceiving them all, including the media. As I headed towards these huge, glazed-like oak doors, I felt the most evil, terrifying experiences were happening behind the closed doors. I did not want to open those doors, but I did anyway. The room was dark and all I could see were the silhouette's of the people inside. There was a terrifying person sitting in the middle of the room on a throne, and I knew it was the antichrist. I wanted to run out of there. Though the angel told me that even the reporters couldn't see me, I didn't want to get close to any of them. I saw that the antichrist had authority, but that it had been gained by force. I saw the silhouette's of priests, holding staffs, who had helped the antichrist gain in popularity. These priests were evil too. I trembled and was terrified knowing that I had to tell people. Then I was taken back home.

As soon as my spirit was back, I awoke my still sleeping baby and ran to the front door to make sure we were not left behind. I know that to the natural man this experience is hard to believe. But I don't question these appearances, I have spoken to angels for long periods of time. I see them moving around often. I welcome whatever the Lord wants me to know and do. I hope this will give you glimpse of how real our Lord is and that angels do appear to us still today. Bless you all; receive this blessing!

Elizabeth Marin (Nov. 2006)

(Webmaster's Note: I've never commented on this site about stories sent to AoA, but I feel compelled to after reading this story. For me, it confirms several topics in Scripture. I find it significant that the angel told Elizabeth that she had "not been left behind," implying that the Rapture of the true Church does occur before the Great Tribulation. It is during this final Great Tribulation period that Satan brings his worldly kingdom to it's zenith with the rise of the antichrist to power. It is after this intense seven year period of judgment that Jesus Christ returns to defeat (Revelation 19:21) the apparently overwhelming armies of the world (Rev. 19:19) that will amass against Israel. He will then set up his 1000 year, millennial rule on earth (Rev. 19:15, 20:2, 3, 7). Israel, and the entire world, will then realize that Jesus Christ was, and is, the true Messiah, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings (Zechariah 12:10). When He first entered Jerusalem, he was riding humbly on a donkey's colt (John 12:14). At His Second Coming, He will arrive as a conqueror on a white stallion (Revelation 19:11).

Western scholars have taught the antichrist will come out of the revived Roman Empire (which I believe is a mistake). Other more recent scholars claim it is the eastern branch of that old Roman Empire that was known as the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey), an Islamic empire, that the antichrist comes from, negotiating (tricking Israel into) a "peace" treaty by intrigue. With the Bride of Christ, the true church gone via the Rapture, this vision confirms the role of the Roman Catholic church (Vatican) in supporting the antichrist, who will be a Muslim. All the prophecies found in the Prophets, and the coming wars, are with Muslim countries, who seek to dominate the world, and kill all Christians and Jews. Islam and their antichrist (Messiah-Mahdi) will attack Israel (break the confirmed treaty half way thru Tribulation). Though there are many protestant churches today who are religious (dead - denying the power of God [Holy Spirit] that could make them godly; 2 Timothy 3:5), it is obvious that Catholicism is the largest of the so-called Christian denominations. Islam is just an overtly false religion; a counterfeit of satan; set on world domination. It is the religious/political system from which the antichrist comes. Do not forget that Jesus came as a Jew, and that Christianity has it's roots in Judaism - that will never change [Romans 9:2-5; Acts 2:36]. God made an eternal covenant with Israel, and it has NOT been replaced by Christianity. But rather, in this current age, grace has been extended to Gentiles (non-Jews) also [Acts 2:39, Romans 2:10, 10:12, Galatians 3:28]). The Catholic Church teaches an erroneous "works-based" way to heaven. (Romans 10:2 I know what enthusiasm they [Israel; but this is the same for the Catholic Church] have for God, but it is misdirected zeal. 3 For they don't understand God's way of making people right with himself. Instead, they are clinging to their own way of getting right with God by trying to keep the law. They won't go along with God's way. 4 For Christ has accomplished the whole purpose of the law. All who believe in Him are made right with God ... 9 For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.) The Gospel of Jesus Christ is based upon repentance of sins and faith in His redemptive substitution for mankind (Ephesians 2:9). But in defense of Catholicism, they do NOT deny Christ was the Son of God, crucified for the sins of the world, rose from the dead, and sits at the right hand of God the Father. Islam denies this creed, making them obviously antichrist.

The Catholic Church teaches you to be a "good Catholic" starting with infant baptism, to participation in the sacraments, penance, good works, suffering for one's sins and the sins of others here and/or in purgatory, indulgences to reduce time in purgatory, and almost endless masses and Rosaries said on one's behalf, even after one's death. Catholic's way of salvation (joining the church) is by works, the very antithesis of "the gospel of the grace of God" (Acts 20:24). It is no wonder that the "religious" will be left behind to espouse (compromise with) someone as clever, suave, and evil as the antichrist, in the name of political correctness, peace (false peace, as Islam proclaims) and out of awe of his miraculous powers. Yes, there will be Catholics in heaven, but the ones left behind are only the religious, politically correct, that will compromise with blasphemous Islam. Everything God has done is counterfeited by satan. The trend of the world system is away from God, and showing itself to be more and more anti-Christian (against Christ) as time goes on. False religion is every bit under the power of satan's kingdom as commerce, the arts, technology, education, government, etc. And at the zenith of this anti-Christian world system will be the antichrist - a counterfeit of the true Christ (Anointed One), the messiah of Islam - the (Jesus) Mahdi (in collusion with the Vatican, I believe). This will bring the judgment of God upon an unbelieving world, for they would not repent of their sins and turn to God and give Him glory (Rev. 16:9, 11, 21).

It's also worth noting that the Left Behind book did not come out until 1995, and the movie in 2000. This vision occurred in 1987.

As for not being able to buy or sell without the antichrist's mark, this can be found in Revelation 13:16-18.

In summary, it's no mistake in this vision that the antichrist was found within the walls of the Vatican, the "world's" largest, wealthiest church. Am I saying the Pope will be the antichrist - absolutely not. But the antichrist (and false prophet) will be using the compromised, institutional church. What I am saying is remove the true believers from the earth in the Rapture, and you are left with a huge, religious institution that will be filled with only proud, religious men, with their time-honored, pompous traditions (Pharisees). The false prophet and the Muslim antichrist will be promoted by this politically correct, religious system, in the name of peace and security. As radical Islam continues wreaking havoc in the world today (John 16:2,3 ... the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God [Allah]. 3 This is because they have NEVER KNOWN the Father [true God] or Me [Jesus]), Israel (the evil Jew according to Islam) will continue to be falsely blamed for the problems of the world. Israel will be deceived (capitulate to political pressure and make yet another treaty) (Daniel 11:31, Matthew 24:15), and be overcome (Daniel 7:21, Rev. 13:7) for a time, by the antichrist, who (under the guise of peace and political compromise) will come to them with a proposal of peace (or perhaps permission to build a Jewish Temple near the Dome of the Rock. But in the ultimate end, it is Christ Jesus who returns to defend Israel, who is foolishly giving up 'land for peace' (Joel 3:2 ... and for dividing up my land.) (... They [Israel] will look on Me [Yeshua, the Messiah] whom they have pierced and mourn for Him as for an only son. They will grieve bitterly for Him as for a firstborn son who has died. Zech. 12:10), and defeat this evil Islamic coalition that has amassed against Israel (judgment of the nations; Joel 3:2, 11, 12, 14; Rev. 19:17-21). After all, all power and authority, under heaven and earth, has been given to Jesus by God (Matthew 28:18; Psalms 110:1). Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe (John 20:29).

Revelation 20:1 Then I saw an angel come down from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit and a heavy chain in his hand. 2 He seized the dragon – that old serpent, the Devil, Satan – and bound him in chains for a thousand years. 3 The angel threw him into the bottomless pit, which he then shut and locked so Satan could not deceive the nations anymore until the thousand years were finished. Afterward he would be released again for a little while. 4 Then I saw thrones, and the people sitting on them had been given the authorityIslamic Antichrist to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded (which empire, religion, practices beheading as a form of punishment?) for their testimony about Jesus, for proclaiming the word of God. And I saw the souls of those who had not worshiped the beast or his statue, nor accepted his mark on their forehead or their hands. They came to life again, and they reigned with Christ for a thousand years. 5 This is the first resurrection. (The rest of the dead did not come back to life until the thousand years had ended.) 6 Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. For them the second death holds no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him a thousand years. 7 When the thousand years end, Satan will be let out of his prison. 8 He will go out to deceive the nations from every corner of the earth, which are called Gog and Magog. He will gather them together for battle – a mighty host, as numberless as sand along the shore. 9 And I saw them as they went up on the broad plain of the earth and surrounded God's people (Israel) and the beloved city (Jerusalem). But fire from heaven came down on the attacking armies and consumed them. 10 Then the Devil, who betrayed them, was thrown into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur, joining the beast and the false prophet. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

Revelation 21:1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. And the sea was also gone. 2 And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven like a beautiful bride prepared for her husband. 3 I heard a loud shout from the throne, saying, "Look, the home of God is now among his people! He will live with them, and they will be his people. God himself will be with them. 4 He will remove all of their sorrows, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. For the old world and its evils are gone forever." 5 And the one sitting on the throne said, "Look, I am making all things new!" And then he said to me, "Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true." 6 And he also said, "It is finished! I am the Alpha and the Omega – the Beginning and the End. To all who are thirsty I will give the springs of the water of life without charge! 7 All who are victorious will inherit all these blessings, and I will be their God, and they will be my children. 8 But cowards who turn away from me, and unbelievers, and the corrupt, and murderers, and the immoral, and those who practice witchcraft, and idol worshipers, and all liars – their doom is in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death. NLT

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright 1996. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved.


In the fall of 1996, I was on my way home to Nampa, driving on I-80 from Boise, Idaho. It was sometime after 10 p.m. and I had just left the chapel of a medium security prison. We had had a great service. God had moved mightily and I was so excited!

The flow of traffic was heavy - about 70 mph. Suddenly I noticed that cars ahead of me were suddenly changing lanes, swerving erratically. Before I knew it, I was driving headlong into the back of a school bus that had just merged into traffic. For some reason the bus crossed over into the middle lane at a crawl. The other cars ahead of me were able to swerve around it, but I had no where to go. A pickup truck, oblivious to the predicament ahead of me, came flying past my car close to 90 mph. To avoid crashing into the back of the bus or moving into the path of this speeding pickup, all I quickly cranked the steering wheel to the right, as far as it would go, slammed on the brakes, and shouted out the name of Jesus. The car slid sideways, as the headlight beams of fast moving traffic blinded my eyes. I turned the wheel to the opposite range, and did a complete 180 in the middle of the interstate, sliding again, and shouting the name of Jesus. Somehow, to my amazement, I was able to drive out of what could have been a horrific car crash. I prayed to God no one would smash into the slow moving bus!

It was all a whirlwind; it was surreal, like a dream. How did I get out of that? The world around me kept moving like nothing had ever happened, yet I felt like I had crossed in and out of some kind of parallel universe. I was in shock and had to pray for God to help me drive home. I had a few miles left to go, and I was profusely thanking Jesus for allowing me go home that night to my three children. I also had to wrap my brain around the other thing that occurred in the car. During the peak moment of God's divine intervention to save my life, while I was cranking the wheel of the car and shouting out the name Jesus, it was if time had stood still when I saw an angel sitting next to me in the car. He was sitting quietly, with his hands resting on his lap. And even though I always imagined that they would dress like modern man, he was wearing a robe. He had the face of a man, with normal male features, but above his temple and forehead, his head flanged out into the shape of a crown. I'm not saying that he was wearing a crown, rather, his head opened up and out like a crown. He was not a solid 3D figure, but was more in an outline form; the color of mist. The crown like flanges wisped out and then vaporized. He just sat there the whole time, quietly, next to me, shoulder to shoulder.

Later that night at home, still shaking my head in utter amazement. I began to ask God about the Angel. Why was he so still? I mean, you would think he would have been doing something dramatic, like maneuvering the car around, or covering me up with wings or something. And the shape of his head ... ? To this day, I really don't understand all of what this angel was, but there are some things that God showed me later. He reminded me that there are different angels with different assignments. He said that the enemy was very upset with me that night at the prison because of the breakthrough we had had at the services. Satan was trying to kill me. God told me that the angel I saw was not the only one that was on assignment that night. The Lord showed me that the warring angels fought for me, before the accident had even begun to occur. The Lord said that the angel I saw was the angel He had assigned to me, to assist me in ministry - he works as a messenger angel. He hears only what God says and that is why his head is flanged open, as it were towards heaven, hearing and speaking only the Words of the Father. He assists in sending out words of wisdom.

And I believe he did just that! Only God could have given me the wisdom I needed to handle that car like a stunt woman from Hollywood in a scene out of Vanishing Point! I have a hard enough time parallel parking! On the outside of the car was another story as he kept it from rolling and hitting numerous cars that were all around me. The second miracle that night was that my spun out tires made it all the way home. The next morning in the driveway they were completely flat! Praise God for his mercy endures forever!

Deana, North Carolina, (Sep 2006) barnespaths [at]



That had to be the strangest week of our lives. The hour drive back to our home in Oceanside, California, will probably be a record for awkward and strange silence between Richard and me. All we could think about was, "You have about four to six weeks to live." It was so strange to think of my life in weeks, and all I wanted to do was get it over with; the sooner the better, I thought. Actually, the first words I said after Dr. Ahearn gave us our death sentence was, "Oh goody, I get to go Home."
While we drove down that Interstate 5 Highway, one of our favorite places on that trip was where all of a sudden the hills appear bigger and the afternoon sky reflects off the ocean revealing a beautiful postcard view of the Southern California coastline. On that particular day, it seemed more beautiful than ever, and I was contemplating what beauty could compare to this. I knew it could only be where I trusted I was going, Heaven. With these thoughts swirling around my mind, all of a sudden the deepest grief in the pit of my stomach turned into a marvelous joy while I remembered what I had done just two days prior to this one.

It was June 27, 1999, a beautiful Sunday morning and Richard's birthday and I had been preparing my heart in prayer for church. For some reason, I felt like being totally alone with God that morning, so I squatted down behind my chair in front of the sliding glass door in our den looking out into the well landscaped yard, when all of a sudden a burst of tears accompanied a smothered cry to my Lord. The passion from my heart was to seek His counsel on how to deal with dissension arising from our little home church. We were hitting some sort of "wall" in our fellowship and unknown to us at the time, one of the couples was apparently uneasy in their own ministry and felt they should go out on their own. 

How well I remember crying out to the Lord to take me home so I could be with Him, even if it was for just a little while. I distinctly remember speaking as a child would ask her Daddy for something important to her, and I promised I would come right back when He told me I had to. Little did I know, God had already planned to answer that prayer very shortly.

The most important part of surviving stage 4b cancer started the day Cliff Klienhans, a dear friend of ours, called after he had been interceding for me with great urgency. Looking back at it now, and knowing how both he and his father Russell Kleinhans, really had a line to God and were able get a hold onto the proverbial "horns of the alter," somehow I trusted the next words that would fall out from his mouth were from the very throne of God just for me. 

He began his conversation by telling me about his prayer for me and said words that will never leave my mind. He said, "Alice, the Lord told me today that you shall live and not die!" and when he said those words over the telephone, I felt like something inside of me like the tongue of a gecko reached out and snatched those very words straight from God's mouth. Actually, at the same time I was hearing them, I could visualize them coming towards me as well, and I knew that day-right there and then-I was healed. 

No matter what else I had to endure, I knew I was already cured of cancer not at that moment, but as if there was some sort of time-warp, I was healed the moment Christ said from His cross, "It is accomplished" more than 2000 years ago. I knew it was His wounds that somehow took away this horrible disease I had and that healing was already mine to experience at some point of my short journey.

At that time, Cliff and Diane had been our very dear friends for many years and we did almost everything together and we had so much fun with them, but that particular day would be one of the most important and insightful days in all of our lives. Shortly after that day, unfortunately, we lost contact with them. But if I know Cliff, that might have been a new beginning for him as well. Perhaps that's why they moved away to begin their own ministry in hospitals and around the sick beds of many people. I know that would be his father's desire, anyway.

More Encounters by Alice - Click HERE

Alice Takeshita (August 2006)


Our Angel encounter happened in 1979. We had four children, 8,7,2 & 1 years old ... all packed into the back seat of our old Toronado; an Oldsmobile. We were driving on the freeway from Ocean Shore, WA to Olympia, WA. My husband Dave and I were not particularly getting along well that day, and when our back left tire blew, it didn't get any better. He just kept driving towards an exit, and I was mad at him for driving too fast on a blown tire. We got off the freeway and parked in an old parking lot in a little town. Dave was trying to find the jack and I was blaming him for not having the jack. He was blaming me, and on the argument went.

Out of no where, a man wearing a black shirt and black pants came jogging over to us. He said, "let me help." Then he ran over to where a car stopped at a stop sign and quickly got a jack out of the trunk and ran back to us and changed the tire. It all happened very quickly, and he said he didn't like to see young families treating each other like we were. He then left and when we turned to say good-bye and thank you he wasn't there anymore. There were no buildings to go into, only a big empty parking lot. We KNEW beyond a shadow of doubt that we encountered an angel sent by God.

Carmelita Seeber (April 2006) seeberita [at]


I've had a few times of actual intervention of angels -- once as a five year old boy in the 1950's, when an angel rescued me on a "tube" train (yes, the same as was bombed in London 7/7/05). Some of those deep level underground train stations were built on a curve, which means that at some places, there is a gap of around 18 inches between the train and the platform. Underneath, there is drop of a couple of feet, and four rails - two of which are electrified. At those stations, an announcer will intone, "Mind the gap!" As my mother and I exited the train at one such station during an evening rush hour, the crowds of city workers separated me form my mum, as I was swept forward helplessly towards the sliding doors -and the dreaded gap. Just as my mother thought that I'd fall to the rails beneath, I was gently lifted across the gap, and deposited safely on the platform edge. My mother turned around to thank the man who had carried me - only to find that he had disappeared! My mother always firmly believed that it was an angel that saved me that day, and I agree. Strangely enough, I didn't feel afraid; I was totally at peace and could not think why my mother was so relieved.

Around 1975, although I'm a Londoner, I was living in a Christian community house in Eureka, California. One Saturday afternoon, we took in two hitchhikers and tried to get them to accept Christ. We picked up hitchhikers as a matter of routine, so that in itself was not unusual. They smiled at us as we preached to them in our dining area, and although they refused to say the sinner's prayer, looking back on the incident the next day, I realized that they had never denied Christ, as they stood there patiently listening for an hour or two, with a gentle smile on their faces. They were not hungry, as I recall, and refused to eat. They were also very evasive: they would not tell us where they had traveled from, or where they were going. We put them up in our lounge area, next to the single brothers' dormitory.

That night, somewhere around two in the morning, I fond myself suddenly awake and the Lord spoke to my heart, "The hitchhiker on the couch has a message for you, ask him what it is."

As a young Christian, I'd been going though a confusing time, and I'd been looking to different church leaders for scriptural answers to my troubles. However, I argued with the Lord, as it seemed foolish to ask an "unsaved" hitchhiker if he had a word from God for me. Eventually, after walking around the block in troubled thought, I made a "deal" with the Lord: I'd go into the next room where he was sleeping, and if he was already awake, I'd ask him. I crept to where the hitchhiker was fast asleep on the couch, and as I approached, he did not move, but his eyes popped open. I asked, "I'm sorry for disturbing you, but do you have a message from God for me?" The amazing thing was that he did not look surprised or irritated at all. He immediately, replied, "No I don't, but I wished that I did." He immediately closed his eyes, and appeared to be in a deep sleep once more. I returned to bed to argue with the Lord, but the Holy Spirit began instructing me very clearly. He told me that what the "man" had said was indeed the message the Lord had wanted me to hear: that I'd been seeking spiritual answers from men, whereas the Lord Himself wanted to commune with me and lead me through the Word of God and the troubles I was facing. I went to sleep satisfied. That night turned out to be a defining moment in my young Christian life; from that day on, I began seeking God for myself in quiet times, scriptural meditation and prayer.

However, when I arose early the next morning around six o'clock, there was no sign of either hitchhiker, nor any evidence that anyone had spent the night. It was then that I recalled the "angelic" smiles on both their faces, as half a dozen of us had literally had cornered them the afternoon previously; doing everything we could to get them to repent and believe the Gospel. Of course, angels already know the Gospel, but as servants of God, are unable to "accept" Christ as humans can, and the preaching is also up to us. I'd love to hear their account.

I have to admit, that although everyone agreed that the two strangers had never denied the Gospel, and no-one had seen them leave in the morning, the other Christian residents of the "Tri-City Apartments" in 5th Street, Eureka, California, thought I was a bit crazy in my belief that they had, in fact, been angels disguised as hitchhikers.

However, they had not had their lives radically touched the previous night, nor had they been dramatically rescued as a five year old boy on a London "tube" train.

This morning, I had other "important" things to do, but I had it on my heart to write these two testimonies. I believe it is because someone desperately needs to hear this. There are many false doctrines around right now, and the enemy is a deceiver, deceiving the every elect of God, if it were possible. But the Lord has promised that you shall not be tempted beyond that which you are able, and that with the temptation, He will provide a way of escape. Our way of escape is the revelation of God's Word, the Bible, through which the living presence of Jesus Christ is made real in our hearts and lives. Books such as "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown are being reads by many Christians, and upsetting the faith of some. Dan Brown elevates the works of the artist, Leonardo Da Vinci to the level of Holy writ, and denigrates the Word of God to mere superstitious tails from a bygone age. It is deception, and a lie. If you have been affected by these doctrines of demons that pass themselves off as popular fiction, may I encourage you to go to the Angels on Assignment website today, and read Pastor Buck's book. This is not fiction, but reality. Everything is verified by a careful study of Scripture. You will see your life transformed, and a new love for Jesus and His Word birthed in your life as you take Pastor Buck's message to heart. Why is this website offering this book free of charge? This is not to make money, or to "hook" you to a mailing list. This is simply because they love you with the passion that Pastor Buck speaks of in his book, and their own desire is for you to make it in life ... both now and in eternity.

No one asked me to write this testimonial. I do not personally know anyone from the church in Boise, Idaho, nor have I ever met Charles and Francis Hunter - I do not even know if they are still on this earth! I have written this because you, dear reader, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever trial you are facing, NEED the message of "Angels on Assignment". Bless you all reading this!

Chaplain John London (Aug 2005) john.ruffle [at]


In keeping with the theme of the messages brought by the Angel Gabriel in Angels on Assignment, that Jesus Christ will return soon, the following confirmed angelic encounters have been submitted by Jim Bramlett (Feb. 2005) of

On the night of Thursday, March 25, 1993, Vincent was working late in his laboratory to complete tests due on Friday. During the evening he moved his car close to the front door of the building, since there had recently been criminal activity in the area. From time to time he looked out the window into the almost empty parking lot to check on his car. At 1:30 a.m. he finished working in his lab. As he was preparing to lock the door, he saw a person standing by the passenger side of his car. Vincent assumed the man was trying to steal his car. He noted that the stranger was of medium build with clean-cut, straight hair and had on a T-shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Unsure what to do, he went back into the lab and prayed, "Lord, help me to do what I have to do. Do I have to use chi-sao?" Chi-sao (pronounced "chee'-sow-o") is a form of martial art in which Vincent is proficient. To be extra safe, he looked around the lab and picked up an 18-inch metal rod, held it behind him and stuck his head out the door. He said, "Hi, can I help you?"

The stranger answered, "Hi, Vincent."

... rest of the story (and others) HERE (new window will open)


Approximately 5 yrs ago after experiencing some family turmoil, I sought God on a new level. One night or early morning at about 3 or 4 AM I heard an audible voice. I was in a semi-state of sleep. The words I heard spoken were as follows: "June 18, a New Beginning". I heard the words a second time and the words originated from about 2 feet from the side of my bed.

I got up looked over at my wife who was still sleeping and then opened the bedroom door and walked out into the hall where I could see that the doors to our two children's bedrooms were still closed. There was not a sound to be heard. Everyone was still sleeping.

I walked out to the kitchen to check the calender to see what might be special about June 18. It was a Sunday and it was to be Father's day about 2 weeks away. (June 2000)

I shared my experience with others and had a number of different responses. For example, someone thought it was the Holy Spirit; someone else thought I might look at June 18 in the past. I said, "No, it was an angel, because the Holy Spirit speaks from within." I checked my day-minder and could find anything of importance on that date.

On June 18, 2000, my daughter and wife officially became members of the same church that I belong to. I knew that was a start but I also knew there had to be much more in the future.

Approximately 2 to 3 years after hearing the words spoken, a member of our church dropped a book off in our road side mail box for my daughter to read. The title of the book was Angels on Assignment. I usually check for mail when I come home from work and I found the book first. I had to read it before even passing it on to my daughter. It took me two mornings and an evening to read. I found it difficult to put down until I finished reading it.

I had to share some of the contents of the book, "Angels On Assignment" with others from what I could remember. I also found that I had to go back and read over some chapters to help recall the amazing encounters and words from God via the Angels to Pastor Buck. While reviewing these chapters I realized the coincidence of the first line of the 2nd chapter as well as the title of the 2nd chapter.

The title read as follows: "GOOD NEWS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY"; The first line read as follows:
"On the night of June 18, 1978, I went to bed at my usual time with no advance notice that something was about to happen which would change my entire life!"

The message I heard June of 2000 again read as follows: "June 18, a New Beginning."

I concluded that my message was referring to an event which took place on June 18, 1978 and that I too did hear from an Angel telling me of this earlier event experienced by Pastor Buck. I also knew that his message was for me and all the world.

Many positive changes have occurred and many have yet to take place. Our Lord is guiding, teaching and strengthening with His Love, Peace and Joy.

I also discovered this web site and was delighted to read on after finding there was a sequel. It is in my heart to one day visit Boise, Idaho in my travels.

I live in Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.

Regards, Bob (Feb 2005) rglwood [at]


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