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The most outstanding and thrilling thing that has ever taken place in my life has been the angelic visitations which have occurred during the past two years.


God made it very clear to me that I am to share what happened in my life so I am passing on descriptions of what I have seen, experiences I have had, and messages I have been given.


God is illuminating truths of the Bible in unprecedented ways prior to the return of Jesus. Revelations are being brought forth in all ministries flowing in the Spirit. In this relation, God quickened my spirit to John 16:12-15: "Oh, there is so much more I want to tell you, but you can't understand it now. When the Holy Spirit, who is truth, comes, he shall guide you into all truth, for He will not be presenting His own ideas, but will be passing on to you what He has heard. He will tell you about the future" (TLB - The Living Bible). These words were spoken by Jesus.


I have written these encounters and messages with the limitation of my own human understanding. In doing this, I have made references to what the angels have said, but not with the thought of quoting them verbatim, except where I have so stated. When you consider that there have been some fifty hours of angelic conversation which I have condensed with my own words and understanding into this single volume, you can perhaps realize that I have relied on my human ability to express these truths as I have comprehended them. I have not added to, or taken away from the Word of God, but the Spirit has opened my eyes to things I had not previously seen, just as He reveals truths to any believer who searches the Word.


Among the many agencies the Spirit uses to minister to us are the Bible, circumstances, other believers and angels. He speaks directly to us in many ways - through dreams, visions, and gifts of the Spirit, but always, it is the same Holy Spirit who speaks to us. "Our words are wise because they are from God ... But we know about these things because God has sent his Spirit to tell us, and his Spirit searches out and shows us all of God's deepest secrets" (1 Cor. 2:7, 10 TLB).


Paul also referred to receiving messages from God when he said, "Yet when I am among mature Christians I do speak with words of great wisdom, but not the kind that comes from here on earth, and not the kind that appeals to the great men of this world, who are doomed to fall" (1 Cor. 2:6 TLB). Praise God he is still speaking to us today!


I know there are risks involved in speaking of unusual and uncommon experiences such as these. My first reaction was to try to get out of giving the message brought to me by an angel. I valued my credibility and felt it would be shattered. You will discover in these writings that God helped me change my mind.


Some have asked what has happened as a result of these messages. Needless to say, I have no way of measuring the total impact, but evidence abounds that the Holy Spirit, true to his promise, has given wings to these messages and they have circled the globe by tape cassettes. People in all parts of the world have been liberated by these fresh truths from God's heart. Thousands have accepted Christ. Thousands of others with whom I am personally acquainted had become discouraged and left the ministry. Today, because they have found new hope, have returned to a place of service. As the Spirit accompanying these messages made the words they were hearing come alive, a new door of faith has opened wide to believers everywhere!


At the time of this writing (1979), there have been sixteen separate visitations by angels.

Webmaster's note - all totaled, there were 27 visits when it was all over. The final 9 visits are mentioned in the sequel book, written 3 years after pastor Bucks death, The Man Who Talked With Angels, by his daughter, Sharon Buck White, and is available on this web site.

Though they come often, every two or three weeks, I have not, and cannot, become accustomed to them. There is such a holiness and such an awesomeness connected with each visit, that every time I see them, I am reminded of the eternal and unchanging God who has sent them, His closeness to us, and his intense interest and loving concern for our families.


Each time the angels have come, they have brought a message from God for the world. If I could put the substance of these messages into one simple phrase, it would have to be, "I CARE!"


As you read, I would encourage you to look beyond the encounter to the message. How very important each one must be to God for him to send them by "special" messenger. The messages included in this book have been given to my church following each one of the encounters. They are not angelic quotations as such, but a sharing of truths made real.


It might be of interest to you to know that during the two to four hours they have stayed each time they have come, there has not been one verse of Scripture quoted. Instead, a living panorama causes truth to literally come alive as it passes before me. At times I have found myself living what I was seeing. Not once did they leave without giving me Bible references where the message could be found.

Webmaster's Note: Just as the Bible is a record of the experiences of people who have encountered God, Jesus, angels, etc., and relayed His messages, so is this book. Therefore, this book/message too is "divinely inspired"!

Because of the nature of this book, some may look for reasons to refuse to accept ... instead of reasons why God has sent these messages. To others it may be in conflict with accepted beliefs. This is understandable. God merely stated how things really are, and made no effort to support any chosen position or theology, but rather to reveal His deep love for a world that had lost it's way, but has been found as a result of the sacrifice of Jesus.


Possibly the questions asked most often are, "How did it happen that God chose you?" "Was it through deep hunger on your part?" "Was it through prayer and fasting?" I would honestly have to say, "I don't know!" I fall short in all of these areas.


The activity of angels will intrigue you, but a word of caution was brought from God by Gabriel: "Do not seek angels. Seek Jesus! He is far greater than any angels!"


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