by Charles & Frances Hunter, as Told by Roland Buck

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I am placing this amazing true story on the Internet for all to read for several reasons. First, I had and still have the same impression as Charles Hunter did about these messages from angels, that "the entire world needs to hear them." Apart from the Word of God, the Bible, this book is the most inspirational story I've ever read. Twenty three years after I first read about the angel Gabriel's 27 visitations with Pastor Buck, and in 1980 visited the very church Roland Buck had pastored, I am still as moved and touched by it today as I was back in 1979. And since this book came out before there ever was such a popular communication tool as the Internet, I think it's time that the message take on new form (wings) on the WWW (world wide web), in the hopes that yet another person will be transformed by these incredible messages brought to us by special messengers straight from God's heart! Webmaster Houston, TX (July 2002)

"Don't be afraid. The Father has sent me to bring a message for you to bring to your church and the world." - Angel Gabriel

Webmaster's Update, 2013: This online copy of AoA is the third printing of the book published in 1979, written by Charles and Frances Hunter after many interviews of Pastor Buck, only months before his passing on Nov. 6, 1979. The first edition contained 15 chapters. This third edition has a chapter 16, entitled "In the Beginning" written by the Hunters, of yet more testimony to what God was doing. Charles and Frances Hunter spent nearly 40 years leading "healing explosions," where they prayed for the sick and taught Christians about the ministry of healing. Known as the Happy Hunters for their ready smiles and quick humor, the couple wrote more than 50 books about divine healing, including the best-seller How to Heal the Sick. Frances Hunter went to be with the Lord in 2009 at the age of 93, followed the next year, 2010, by her husband Charles, who was 89.

Table of Contents

Start of Book

Who Is Roland Buck? Some will believe this story. Some won't. We do! Whether you believe it or not, this book will cause you to see God's love in a greater way than ever before and it will make Jesus come alive to you!

A Word From the Wife of Roland Buck Although my husband has meditated a great deal on the Word, he is not a mystic, but very human and a person I have grown to love and trust. God can do as he pleases. Didn't he visit many people in the Old and New Testaments? He is still able to do the same in these days - God is the God of the supernatural - who can deny it?

Chapter 1 »

Encounter Possibly the questions most often asked are ... "How did it happen that God chose you?" "Was it through deep hunger on your part?" "Was it through prayer and fasting?" I would honestly have to say ... "I don't know! I fall short in all of these areas!"

Chapter 2 »

Good News For You and Your Family About three o'clock in the morning, I was abruptly awakened when someone grasped my arms and sat me right up in bed! Do you know ... that if even one member of your family is living for God, each individual member is highly favored? That a great host of angels has been assigned to bring these highly favored people to God? That they have orders to listen to no objections, but to hasten individuals to a point of choice? That if a person chooses the wrong way, the angels will begin the cycle all over again?

Chapter 3 »

Ministry of Angels The light flipped on and I saw what appeared to be two of the largest men I had ever seen! Strong currents of radiation pulsated from them. I started to fall, but was steadied by the strong hand of these seven-foot-plus beings. IT SOUNDED LIKE HE SAID, "I AM GABRIEL," but it couldn't be ... he has not been seen for centuries. Am I really seeing things or IS HE REALLY HERE ... IN MY HOME?

Chapter 4 »

My Visit to the Throne Room The chain of strange happenings in my life date back to January 21, 1977, when I became God's guest. I discovered he wants to be treated like a friend. His words to me ... "Relax, I already know you," have changed my life. When he said, "I don't record failure," he opened a door of hope for all mankind.

Chapter 5 »

Sequel to the Throne Room Would you say ... Thirty correct predictions out of one hundred is phenomenal? ... How about 120 out of 120? ... God never misses. That is why you can rely wholly on him. ... God told me the pope has no more influence with him than the least of his saints, and has no greater privileges, but because his influence with man is great, his choice is God's concern. Therefore, in order to help in the restoration of his fragmented body, God had chosen a man named Karol Wojtyla of Poland. Date of prediction: January 21, 1977 ... Date of fulfillment: October 16, 1978, Pope John Paul II.

Chapter 6 »

God's Priorities Queenie, that's my dog ... a purebred Great Dane ... quietly "woofed" as she pressed her wet nose against my face. The time was 2 AM. I knew what was up by now. This is the way she rouses me when she becomes aware that angelic visitors are in the house. ... Filled again with awe and wonder, I listened as Gabriel stressed seven things of utmost importance to God. Priorities that the world must hear ...

Chapter 7 »

He Tasted Death One time as the angels ministered to me, God allowed me to see Jesus as the sacrificed lamb ... My heart broke ... As this panorama of truth passed before me, I saw him as the lamb lying there in death. ... Then I saw the little lamb slowly start to rise, and as it rose up, it became a mighty ram with seven horns upon its head and it had seven eyes ... "You have seen him die as the lamb, now see him as he arose the great conqueror, with complete power in heaven and earth given to Him."

Chapter 8 »

You Are Covered (Atonement) I sat glued to my chair ... unable to move ... The same divine radiance which glowed from Moses' face after forty days with God, multiplied a hundred times from an eternity in God's presence, streamed from Gabriel's being and literally engulfed me ... His word and his touch brought back my strength. I cried ... and you, too, will cry as you discover the beauty of this message he brought directly from God's big heart!

Chapter 9 »

God's Warning Signals ... It happened in broad daylight the Saturday before Christmas ... The door of my church office opened and once again God's highest angel had come with a special word from God ... Remember, if you feel numb and cold inside and it's a weight and a burden for you to think, "Here's another week and I have to go to church. I don't want to fail God, but it's a chore; there is no excitement in my spiritual life," WATCH OUT!

Chapter 10 »

When God Says Thanks! His eyes were like deep, glowing embers, his voice resonant and clear .. this giant angel ... as he told me about "The Believer's Judgment". My heart leaped when I heard him say, "THE BELIEVER'S JUDGMENT IS NOT A DARK NIGHT THROUGH WHICH HE MUST PASS BEFORE HE BREAKS OUT INTO GOD'S ETERNAL DAY, BUT A DAY IN WHICH GOD HAS CHOSEN TO SAY THANKS TO HIS PEOPLE."

Chapter 11 »

Mission Philippines ...About four in the morning, the light came on in my room, and I opened my eyes ... There were two cots in the room. I was sleeping in one, and when I looked over at the empty one, I saw Gabriel sitting there. "How did you find me here?" "We didn't have any trouble finding you, because we arranged for you to be here!" Gabriel replied.

Chapter 12 »

Michael and His Angels I heard loud noises downstairs very early one Monday morning ... I will never forget the sight in my living room as I went to investigate ... Angelic warfare was being directed from my home as the Command post ... this attack was serious enough for Michael, the leader of all warring angels, to appear on the scene. (Additional angel material added in this chapter)

Chapter 13 »

Angels On Assignment What did angels do between those times of recorded appearances ... did they rest ... or what happened to them? "We are busy all the time scattering God's enemies and putting the pieces of his plan together ... I commanded a heavenly army with orders from God to push the walls of Jericho into the ground ... and we did!" That's what Chrioni, the great warring angel, told me ... and more!

Chapter 14 »

He is Coming Again! ... As I think of the return of Jesus, I remember what Gabriel said, "There has never been such excitement and activity in the courts of heaven since Jesus came the first time, as there is right now!"

Chapter 15 »

In Closing ... Charles & Frances Hunter Pastor Buck looked down. Gabriel's feet were about four inches off the floor! ... Then he looked at Cyprion's feet, and they were about eighteen inches off the floor. ... Then he looked at his own feet, and to his utter amazement, they were also about eighteen inches off the floor!

Chapter 16 »

In the Beginning As the book goes into its third printing before the end of two months, we wondered why God had left the seven empty pages at the end of the book. Now we know!

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