A Collection of Roland H. Buck's Last 67 Sermons
Audio and Transcribed, 1978 - 1979

Many thanks goes out to Randy Schroder of Missouri () for converting the original angel sermons from cassette tapes (recorded in 1978 and 1979) into .mp3's in March 2010. Many of these original sermons are also available in written form, transcribed by Timothy Holt, that will be included on this page. Not every sermon Mr. Holt transcribed has a matching audio file, but most do. I will try to organize this page by theme, as Mr. Holt did in his book, When Angels Speak.

Introduction - In the 67 sermons available on audio tape (only 54 on this web site) Roland goes into the things that are important to God; things that meet the needs of people. People are God's business. Every one of God's highest priorities is related to God's love and care for people. God wants us to know our position in Christ, the things that are important to Him, and what He is like. God's highest priorities are the blood of Jesus, fellowship and communion with God, the truth that Jesus is alive, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Great Commission, the Everlasting Covenant, and the return of Christ. Some of the other themes in Roland's messages include God's love for the individual, His desire to save the whole family, the things that God is doing today, the preparation for the believer's judgment, the exaltedness of Jesus, and the power of His blood.

I pray that God will use these messages to inspire, strengthen, bless and encourage your heart and faith in Him. People need to know that God is not looking for reasons to reject them but to save them. He wants people to know that He is not interested in their failures and is not recording them in heaven. The message that God wants to get out now is that God's wrath has been turned away and His heart is warm towards us now. He wants us to go out and share the message of the atonement to prepare men and women for that day when Jesus comes.

Every time Gabriel comes a new chapter of God unfolds and leads us one step closer to the day that Jesus is looking forward to with great excitement. When Gabriel appeared to Roland in 1978 he said, "There is more excitement in the courts of heaven then there has ever been since Jesus came the first time." It has been a generation since this angelic visitation. Let us walk in all that God has planned for us to walk in today.

· Timothy Holt, great nephew of Roland Buck

If you wish to listen only, go to the Audio Only Sermon Page HERE.  Not all Audio Sermons are an exact word for word match with the following transcripts at times, extra sermons at bottom: