More About Angels (Chapter 21, Pages 140 - 148)

Daddy had the unique privilege in this day and age of meeting Gabriel personally, the angel who dwells in the presence of God, Michael the great archangel, and ministering angels from different parts of the world. During his several visits to heaven, he was able to see the beauty of the worship angels as they praised and worshiped Jesus.


Here from daddy's tapes, in his own words, are some interesting insights about these heavenly visitors.


"I used to think that all angels looked alike. Every picture I saw of them made them look alike. I was surely surprised.


"The angel had visited with me twice in my bedroom, and all I had seen was his outline against the light coming from my yard. Even this was overwhelming. But one night I noticed a bluish light coming up from the staircase. I thought I had left a light on in one of the rooms downstairs, so I decided to get up and turn the light off. I got halfway down the stairs, and the stairway light came on. I looked up and saw two of the largest men I have ever seen in my life. My knees buckled and I started to fall down the stairs. It could have been partly fright, but not totally. There was such a radiation of power from these angels because they come directly from God's presence. My reaction was similar to being slain in the Spirit.


"The spokesman reached out and took hold of me and my strength returned. Then he told me he was Gabriel, and introduced me to the angel with him, whose name was Chrioni. He was a warring angel who was assigned to travel with Gabriel at this time.


"I learned that no two angels look alike. They are all different sizes with different hair color and styles. Gabriel stands about 7'2" tall and has gold-blonde hair. It's straight, and goes about halfway over his ears. It's kind of a nice style. He has a more slender build than Chrioni. Chrioni's hair was black and had big loose curls. They were both very handsome, and looked about twenty-five to thirty years old. Chrioni was about four inches taller than Gabriel, and if I saw a man this big, I would know that he weighed 400 pounds or more. Chrioni's voice was so full and deep, he would make Big John Hall sound like a tenor.


"The first time I saw these two angels, Gabriel was dressed in a silver-colored tunic and slacks with a tie lacing it at the neck. Chrioni was dressed the same only his shirt was brown. Their skin and clothing glowed with a heavenly radiance.


"I asked them, 'Why are you here?' Gabriel then began to share some more beautiful truths with me about God's care for the people that He had created.


"He told me that the Holy Spirit monitors the whole earth at one time, and picks up signals from everywhere. He can even hear the bird that falls, wherever it is. I knew this was true academically, but this truth really became real to me that night.


"Gabriel continued to share with me that the Holy Spirit had sensed a massive build-up of satanic forces that wanted to attack me, because of what God was doing thru my ministry. He told me then that the Spirit not only monitors the whole earth, He's the one who sends out the orders to the angels to go and scatter the enemy forces.


"I was a little concerned then, because I didn't want them standing there talking to me if the enemy forces were going to attack, but they told me that they had already finished the job.


"I asked Gabriel then what it takes to get the Holy Spirit to send out these forces to help people. Was it in answer to a prayer for help?


"Gabriel said, 'No, if the Spirit waited until you knew about an attack, you'd already be in trouble! Twenty -four hours a day divine forces are on the job scattering the forces of the enemy in response to the Holy Spirit's directives as He senses the need.'


"Then Gabriel asked me to take a look out the window. I was amazed to see about one-hundred of these men, like the big warring angel Chrioni, standing in my driveway casually chatting with each other. It made me feel pretty good to know that God has ways and means of taking care of His people!


"I might note that to this point Chrioni had not spoken to me. I had heard him talking to Gabriel, but he spoke in a different language. Gabriel told me that angels could only speak with people as God would give them permission. Later on during another visit, God did give Chrioni permission to talk with me, and he really had some interesting things to share.


"I asked Chrioni to tell me about some of his most exciting memories. One of the memories he mentioned reminded me of how old he must be since angels were created before the earth was formed.


"Chrioni told about the time he helped lead the Children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. He said, 'God gave us the right to punish the Egyptians and use any of God's weapons. We threw lightning bolts at them. We pulled the wheels off their carts.' He didn't actually say it was fun, but he did say this event was fixed in his mind because of the great deliverance of Israel when the sea was pushed back. Chrioni said that the angels had orders to intervene, but not to interfere with what God was doing in man's normal course of life." (Author's note by Sharon White: The full account of my father's conversation with Chrioni is related in Angels on Assignment, Chapter 3)


"Gabriel then shared with me that God has four different kinds of angels. There are ministering angels who live among the people. They ride in our cars, live in our homes, and are camped about us all the time. Their orders from God are to take care of us. They look exactly like a human being. The only way you would know them would be if they disappeared in front of your eyes, or if you saw them do some super-human feat. There are more of these on the earth than there are human beings. Since they do not dwell in heaven, they do not have the glow that emanates from the angels who live in heaven.


"The next group of angels are the worship angels. Their function is to worship Jesus. When I was taken to heaven I saw these angels in action, and it was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. These are the only angels with wings. There are six wings, however, they don't really look like wings because they are filmy material. The worship angels put two wings over their faces as they bow down. There are two more that drape around their feet like a bride's train, and two short ones on their back. The cherubim and seraphim are a very high order of these worship angels, but they have the same type of wings and the same function. Lucifer was the archangel of the worship angels before his fall.


"The third type are the great warring angels. These angels come from the presence of God and therefore a strong glow radiates from their skin and clothing. I never get used to their presence although I am not afraid. The heavenly radiation from them saps my strength, and I start to fall until they touch me and pick me up. Then I am strong again. After they have gone there is such a tingling sensation in my legs that for some time afterward I do deep knee bends and run in place because there is such power it is hard to handle in these earthen vessels. Michael is the archangel of all the warring angels.


"Then there are the special forces which include the messenger angels God uses to bring announcements and messages to the world. They also work in various ways in the unfolding of God's plan. The messenger angels also dwell in the presence of God, and glow with that special heavenly radiance.


"Gabriel is the archangel of the messenger angels and his chief purpose is in the unfolding of God's plan, and in the closing of one chapter of time, and the opening of another. Every time he has been referred to in the Bible he has brought announcements of a new day dawning. After he told me what his function was, it made me wonder what he is doing down here now? Could it be that another chapter is about ready to close and another one open?


"After Gabriel had finished telling me about the angels, he said that the highest and greatest divine being, One far above the angels, the highest in all the courts of heaven is Jesus. At the name of Jesus ringing thru heaven, every angel, regardless of their rank falls in worship before Him.


"I asked Gabriel about Jesus' return. He told me that the Father had given him access to all of the things in God's timeline but this was one thing that the Father kept to himself. But he said, 'I can tell you this. There is more excitement and activity in the courts of heaven than there has been at any time since Jesus came the first time!'


"It was very interesting to me to note that the angels did not always wear the same garb. All their shoes are the same, however, they look like they are made out of copper or metal. When I watch them flex their shoes, I know that they could not be metal because the shoes are of a very, very flexible substance.


"The bone structure of the eyebrows of the angels who live in heaven seems to be a little bit higher and more arched than those of a human being. Their eyes seem not colored red like fire, they are dark, but they seem almost like rays. They are penetrating and to look at them is almost like looking into a pool of fire. It's not scary because you can almost feel their compassion as they are looking at you. They do not look inhuman. I have never seen a bearded angel that dwells in heaven. Age wise, they look like young men twenty-five to thirty. Michael looks about forty.


"The ministering angels I have seen look just like human beings, as I said before. The worships angels look like a broad variety of people, men, women, boys and girls, even some that look like small children.


"About two o'clock one Monday morning, I saw one of the most awesome sights I have ever seen. Every time God has revealed himself thru the angels, it has been tremendous, but this seemed to be still more staggering because I felt the tremendous importance of what God is doing today in using Boise as a touchdown point for his divine messengers, and sharing with me a message for the world.


"I had heard something downstairs, so I went down. There in my living room I saw the great warring angel, Chrioni, and three other 'General angels,' if you can use that term, or 'Captains' of the hosts of heaven. I could hear them receiving messages from the Holy Spirit and sending out commands.


"Gabriel met me at the foot of the stairs, and took me into my family room. He told me that because of what God was doing thru me, the princes of darkness had been gathered together and brought to this area for this particular time to try to delay and hinder the work of God. He said the Holy Spirit knew the way the enemy is working because he knows he has only a short time left. God had therefore sent Michael to my home that morning. I had never seen Michael before, but Gabriel introduced me to him.


"Michael's countenance was more fierce than Gabriel's, however, I could still sense the compassion and love and the nature of Jesus in him. He had strong, chiseled features. His eyes were like pools of fire. He was dressed like Gabriel with a white tunic and a wide gold belt around his waist. The tunic had kind of a gold embroidery on it. His hands and arms were like someone with a deep tan, almost like burnished brass.


"Gabriel reminded me of the story in the Old Testament in Daniel 10, where Gabriel was delayed in bringing an answer to Daniel from the Lord by the prince of darkness, so God sent Michael to help Gabriel, and he has such power that it only took him to scatter the enemy so that the message could get thru.


"There was a real spiritual battle going on, and the command post was in my living room! But Gabriel assured me that God had sent Michael and his angels, and they were literally surrounding our place."


Sharon: I would like to insert here that I use to be fearful when threats would come against my dad. I remember driving down the lane to his house one Monday evening, walking into the house with my husband, and absolutely getting goose bumps. I had never felt such a tremendous presence of God in that place before. I told my husband later as we were driving home, "Alan, I know that the angels were there tonight!" Alan agreed with me. He had felt the supernatural presence of God, too. The next day I asked my father if the angels had visited him the night before. It was then he shared with me that Michael the great archangel had been sent by the Father in the early hours of the morning the day before, and had set up protection around my father. The fear that had been generated in my heart by the threats against daddy totally disappeared. I knew my father was protected by heaven's most powerful warring angel, as God's plan thru my father, continued to unfold.


"On two different occasions I have been told that God's plan before He ever made the earth was to take us to be with Him. Gabriel made this statement that although people fail to agree as to whether they go thru the Great Tribulation, thru half of it, or are raptured before, or don't believe in the Great Tribulation at all, when Jesus comes, He is not going to look in people's minds to see what position they hold on this. He's just going to look in their hearts to see if He's living inside. Gabriel went on to say that it would be totally contrary to the character and nature of God for even one believer to go thru even one day of the Great Tribulation time! Totally contrary!


"I will never forget an early morning hour in my family room when the giant warrior angel, Chrioni, was given permission by God to speak with me again. One of the things he told me was that 'Man will never fully comprehend the love of God!' He said that many of the people he and his hosts had been sent by the Spirit to help, had defied God. They had shaken their fist in God's face, and were filled with lawlessness and evil. Many were in satanism and witchcraft. They were God's enemies. But God said, 'Those people need help. Go and help them!'


"What can separate us from the love of God? We did nothing to earn it. So even if you are completely away from God and sentenced to hell because you haven't accepted Him, His love reaches out, and He says, 'I want you! I have room for you!'


"I see God now, like I have never seen Him before, and I feel that one of the purposes of these experiences has been for me to see God like He really is!


"I have been asked by people if I was permitted to ask an angel to talk to God in my behalf, or to convey a message thru the angels to someone in heaven. I probably could ask, but I seem to be tongue-tied as far as asking very many questions are concerned. But God has given everyone of us an access to Himself thru Jesus! He doesn't ask us to go thru an angel.


"I have also received a lot of letters from people asking me if it would be all right, or would they be violating the Lord in seeking an experience like this in speaking to an angel. I did ask Gabriel this question and the answer is so beautiful.


"Gabriel said, 'Tell men not to seek after an angel. An angel cannot hear your prayer. An angel cannot accept your worship. An angel cannot abide within you. But you have One within you greater than all the angels, and He asks for your prayers. He invites your worship and He will never leave you. So seek Him, Jesus!"


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