God Knows Your Name (Chapter 25, Pages 164 - 165)

This is the account of daddy's last visitation (October 13, 1979) by the angels before his death. The following is edited from the tape as he shared it with his congregation Sunday morning, October 14, 1979.


"I had an unusual experience that made me think about how much God cares for the individual. It has been about six weeks since I've had a visitation from the angels. If they never come again, I've had a greater experience than I ever deserved and the truths that God has made real have accomplished something so terrific. I feel like God has possibly given me all that I needed in the illumination of these messages, because God has given so many ways that He speaks. He speaks thru His Word, He uses human beings as agents to answer needs, and He uses circumstances. Anyway, I never know from one time to the next whether or not it will be the last visit.


"Last night in my office, I found out that the visit six weeks ago wasn't the last one, because Gabriel and Chrioni came in. My head was down, and I was doing some meditating, and looking at the Scripture. They came in just like those people on the television series, "Star Trek." I was breathless because I never get accustomed to their presence.


"They were talking with me and gave me some beautiful truths about God's concern for the total person. Even our humanity is really a concern of God.


"Then the telephone rang. I let it ring for a few minutes, because I hated to be bothered with menial things like that while Gabriel was standing right there. I finally picked up the receiver, however, and it was a little lady from Sacramento. Her first question was, 'Have you seen any of them angels lately?'


"Then she told me that she had some needs, 'I've asked preachers to pray for me. I've asked friends to pray for me. Nobody seems to know how to get hold of God for me, and I don't even know if God knows about me. I'm seventy-nine years old and my husband is sick. Would you, the next time you see one of those angels, ask them to tell God that I really need some help?


"I said to her, 'Well, they're in here right now!'


"She choked a little bit, so I said, 'Do you want me to ask them? That isn't really their work, because you have the same kind of connection as they do to God.'


"She said, 'Please ask them.' I was going to turn and ask, not because I expected any answer, but Gabriel had been listening to the conversation. He evidently has a way of picking up the sound without it coming thru the receiver. He told me that he heard what she said.


"He said, 'Tell Bonnie Thompson that God already knows her need, and He cares for her and loves her!'


"I told her, and she let out a squeal, 'He knows my name!'


She hadn't told me who she was earlier, so I didn't know her name. She said, 'I don't care if I ever get this help, as long as I know God knows my name!"


"This incident brought to my attention once again, that God knows my name, and He knows your name!


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